Certified trainings

As an Authorized Training Center, we conduct certified training for Extreme Networks, Techstep and Gigaset Pro. All certified trainings are conducted in accordance with the applicable certification paths of Vendors, based on their training materials, scripts and guidelines. Our Training Center uses the professional Extreme Networks training lab, and additionally has its own independent lab, where not only participants of training in Extreme technology work, but also users of Cambium Networks, Techstep and Gigaset Pro.

Most of the certified trainings take place online, but our offer also includes special bootcamp trainings, which are on-site training. We organize them both at our headquarters in Poznań, as well as at the Partner’s or Client’s premises, regardless of location.

Questions regarding certified trainings should be sent by e-mail to:
or by phone at +48 61 628 43 77.

More details and the current training schedule can be found here: Training Schedule.pdf