Dedicated trainings

The market of modern technologies requires, on the one hand, knowledge of technical issues (including the latest ones), and on the other hand, regular reading of news, in particular information about any product changes. To meet our Partners needs, we do it for them and provide all information processed and prepared to be remembered. That is why we regularly prepare tailor-made training courses that will reliably and effectively help you update your knowledge.

In our offer you will find:
* commercial training and pre-sales
* lectures and technical workshops
* commercial and technical webinars
* several days of technical training for end customers, covering issues related to the purchased systems.

Want to consolidate your knowledge of wired or wireless networks?
Need an Essentials MDM crash course?
Do you want to get to know Extreme Networks technologies from the inside out?
Or maybe you are interested in training in Cambium Networks solutions?

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