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Video Conferencing

averA development of modern technologies has a positive impact on reducing costs associated with business trips, through the use of video conferencing systems. A video conferencing is a telecommunication link between groups of users located in different places, allowing them to simultaneously transmit voice and video in the real time. Simplicity, complete interactivity of information exchange, availability on-demand, ability to integrate with any network topology, calls involving many participants.


HD video conferencing systems

EVC 150/350/950 systems are leading the video conferencing devices market. They offer an outstanding price to performance ratio. They allow SMBs to use video conferencing in their daily business activities in a cost effective manner.

foto6EVC systems provide real time HD 1080p streaming and sharing of documents in HD720p quality. Systems are equipped with wide angle HD camera, dedicated microphone, user-friendly interface and have a modern design. EVC350 and EVC950 models have integrated multipoint control unit for 4 (EVC350) or 10 (EVC950) users. It is possible to flexibly increase the number of supported users in the EVC350 model by purchasing additional licenses.

AVER video conferencing system also includes a range of mobile applications enabling video communication and sharing of document with employees or customers, from any place in the world.

In addition to outstanding technical specification, EVC systems have a 3-year warranty and a low total cost of ownership which translates into remarkably fast return on investment.

foto7Whether you conduct a point-point or point-multipoint conference, using cloud services or make integration with third party systems, standard based EVC systems are always an optimal choice.