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IP DECT systems

DECT IP telephone system – mobile communication for SMBs

For SMBs the key to success is the ability to quickly adopt to ever changing market. New telephone systems form Gigaset pro can easily adapt to new market situations – they support form 1 to 100 users. Additionally, all Gigaset pro devices are compatible with the majority of leading PBX systems, allowing for easy integration with existing infrastructure. Advanced capabilities such as MobileOFFICE™, Link2Mobile™ or embedded DECT technology redefines the meaning of “flexibility”.

  • Gigaset N720 DECT IP system consists of N720 IP PRO base station and DECT Manager N720 DM PRO device. The DECT Manager device can register up to 30 base stations and 100 handsets. That way it is possible to provide wireless communication with remote sites together with seamless roaming and handover. Access to corporate and internet phone books, as well as notifications about incoming email messages increase productivity. N720 DECT IP system provides support for the latest Gigaset DECT handsets. Users benefit from combination of flexible communication and unique voice quality. IP DECT system is perfectly suited to capabilities of Gigaset IP PBX system, and is also compatible with the most IP PBX systems from leading vendors and with virtual systems.
  • Gigaset N510 IP PRO is a DECT IP base station for SMBs supporting all available mobile DECT components offered by Gigaset. Users benefit from freedom of communication and exceptional quality of voice. Professional capabilities such as access to corporate phone book, network phone book and notifications about incoming mails increase productivity. N510 IP PRO base station is compliant with over 250 VoIP operators and all major PBX systems. Automatic installation with Gigaset PBX systems provides quick and easy configuration.

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VoIP phones

The market of voice services has been dominated by VoIP calls – less expensive alternative to traditional phone calls, especially when we think about international telephone calls. To improve the experience of using this form of communication, a computer and specialized application have been replaced by IP phone, that works independently of computer and is handled as a regular phone. VERSIM company is a distributor of Gigaset Pro solutions.

Gigaset pro desktop phones

A desktop telephone that means business.  An all-round sleek design matched by high definition audio quality and simple to use yet powerful features makes Gigaset pro desk phones the choice for professional business communication. A characteristic feature of the Maxwell series is its usability. That one started the definition of the product – a thoughtful device that provides German quality and a perfect user interface. All features represent the needs of business users. Gigaset Pro engineers have omitted all functions that are unnecessary in everyday use and focused on those covered. This resulted in the creation of ideal, functional and available cell phones. The Maxwell series consists of 3 phone models: Basic, Maxwell 3 and Maxwell 10, which really want to be used in the company. Useful applications and interactive tips help employees learn about the capabilities and operation of the phone, available instant information search and access to internet resources.

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