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Unified Communication systems

Enterprise class communication platforms


OpenTouch platform – multimedia conversations and on-line collaboration

  • OpenTouch Business Edition: OpenTouch Business Edition suite provides enterprises with advanced SIP enabled communications solutions. It interconnects networks, people, processes and knowledge. OpenTouch Business Edition is available as preconfigured server or Vmware virtual appliance.
    OpenTouch Business Edition addresses the needs of enterprises employing up to 1500 employees and using up to 3000 devices. It provides advanced business and multimedia communications, at the office and on the go, contact center functionality and management services. OpenTouch Business Edition provides full range of services within single platform.
  • OpenTouch Multimedia Services: is a suite of applications that streamlines content delivery in the enterprises. It provides ease of use, deployment and management within single environment. OpenTouch Multimedia Services 1.0 enhances OmniPCX Enterprise communication server and offers new OpenTouch communication services. OpenTouch Suite is a native support of media (video, voice, IM, content sharing) and multi-platform conversations.
  • OpenTouch Session Border Controller: OpenTouch Session Border Controller is a flexible and safe protection of corporate SIP communications. OpenTouch SBC provide flexible architecture for all deployments in corporate networks, acting as a demarcation point between the company and SIP providers, as well as enterprise branches or OpenTouch SIP clients, for direct voice and video conversations through Internet.

Voice communications platforms

  • OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server : Is a communications server available as a software supporting different hardware platforms, providing multimedia communication for Alcatel-Lucent and third party phones/ clients. Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server combines advanced telephony features for medium and large organizations with the ability to support a variety of multimedia communication applications – including Unified Communications applications with web based softphones, unified messaging system and software for users to manage communication tools and calls
  • Security modules: the protection of information in VoIP business communications providing security of software and protocols with communications encryption. Architecture is based on Thales technology.
  • Voice mail services: Alcatel-Lucent 4645 Voice Messaging Service is a voice mail solution for OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server (CS)

Mobility solutions within enterprise premises

  • DECT infrastructure: Smart IP 8340 DECT access points support internal and external DECT antennas providing reliable voice communications.
  • OmniAccess wireless network access points: small and light access points that can be installed in various locations, including walls, booths, desks and ceilings. Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess access points work with Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess WLAN controllers, including OmniAccess 6000 and OmniAccess 4304. Wireless network controllers provide high speed connectivity, centralized management and powerful mobility features for employees. Alcatel-Lucent access points configure themselves automatically using any L2/L3 network supporting device discovery function, enabling very simple update when new features and capabilities are available or new standards are introduced.


Applications and unified communications


Unified communications, on-line collaboration and OpenTouch

  • OpenTouch Business Edition suite provides enterprises with advanced SIP enabled communications solutions. It interconnects networks, people, processes and knowledge.
  • OpenTouch Multimedia Services   is a suite of applications that streamlines content delivery in the enterprises. It provides ease of use, deployment and management within single environment.
  • Unified Messaging application provides, through the extensive GUI, integrated access to the voice mail of smartphones, desktop phones and softphones, as well as access to emails.
  • OpenTouch Fax Center: Provides rapid ROI and enables significant cost savings in comparison with conventional fax machines.
  • Internet services: A set of XML services and API plugins creates the extensive suite of open interfaces allowing for easy integration of Alcatel-Lucent products. Learn about internet services.

Applications As a Service

  • OpenTouch Conference: This cloud based conferencing service allows employees to conduct multisite conference calls, manage users and share displays, which all together translates into more effective meetings.
  • OpenTouch TeamShare: This new cloud based application enables collaboration and project management, regardless of location.

Interaction with clients

  • OmniTouch Contact Center Standard Edition: The ideal solution for companies interested in the contact center technologies, supporting voice communication and offering the ability to support both small and large deployments.
  • Mobile Guest Softphone: Hotels can provide its guests the highest level of comfort by offering access to their services from guests mobile devices. The application transforms guest’s cell phone or tablet into extension of a room phone.
  • OpenTouch Notification Service: Notification system optimizes workflows and decision-making time in situations where fast response to incident is crucial. Native integration and unique features fulfill requirements of small and medium sized organizations in verticals such healthcare, hospitality, industry and education.
  • OpenTouch Customer Service: Allows to increase business efficiency and improve customer service throughout the company by enabling users to quickly and in the real time define priorities.
  • OmniPCX RECORD Suite is a comprehensive tool to record phone calls and manage recordings, enabling also the monitoring and training of personnel directly involved in the telephone contact with customers.
  • OmniTouch 4625 Interactive Voice Response: Mid-range IVR system consisting of defined and adjustable modules providing access to database, statistics, fax management and control of phones.
  • Soft Panel Manager: The application enriching features of the contact center with the possibility to display business data, statistics and video contents in the real time.
  • Genesys Suite: Reliable solutions enabling customers and employees to conduct effective and efficient communication using a set of always available channels.
  • Greetings: A set of tools for small and medium enterprises, based on OmniPCX™ Office RCE server, supporting customer welcome solutions at all levels of communication.


VoIP gateways

VoIP gateways are devices that allow for low-cost and secure implementation of internet telephony solutions. Devices allow to implement in operator’s network PABX systems and analog or ISDN end points. A wide range of products enables implementation of devices in SOHO networks, medium and large enterprises and in operator networks. VERSIM offers VoIP gateways products from Mediatrix.

VoIP gateways and IP network access points

Mediatrix VoIP products from Media5 Corporation are access points and voice gateways intended to create secured voice connections over an IP network (VoIP). Devices allow to implement to operator’s networks PABX solutions and analog or ISDN end points. A wide range of products enables implementation of devices in SOHO networks, medium and large enterprises and in operator networks. The main advantage of access points is its ability to incorporate in IP network existing analog or ISDN devices. VoIP gateways allow for low-budget implementation of Internet telephony solutions. Devices support SIP protocol. Important advantage is providing secure data transmission through use of call encoding protocols and secured access to Mediatrix devices management.


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IP DECT systems

Mobile phones


  • DECT phones: Industrial DECT phones provide remote and mobile employees access to voice functions. Industrial mobile DECT phones increase effectiveness and availability of work forces.
  • Business DECT handsets: Convenient mobile phones providing connectivity for companies with distributed structure of facilities, covering extensive area or large storage spaces.
  • OmniTouch 8118/8128 WLAN phones: WLAN phones are a convenient and practical solution suitable for any business environment. The office mobility enabled by supporting standard radio connections or Wi-Fi networks


DECT IP telephone system – mobile communication for SMBs

For SMBs the key to success is the ability to quickly adopt to ever changing market. New telephone systems form Gigaset pro can easily adapt to new market situations – they support form 1 to 100 users. Additionally, all Gigaset pro devices are compatible with the majority of leading PBX systems, allowing for easy integration with existing infrastructure. Advanced capabilities such as MobileOFFICE™, Link2Mobile™ or embedded DECT technology redefines the meaning of “flexibility”.

  • Gigaset N720 DECT IP system consists of N720 IP PRO base station and DECT Manager N720 DM PRO device. The DECT Manager device can register up to 30 base stations and 100 handsets. That way it is possible to provide wireless communication with remote sites together with seamless roaming and handover. Access to corporate and internet phone books, as well as notifications about incoming email messages increase productivity. N720 DECT IP system provides support for the latest Gigaset DECT handsets. Users benefit from combination of flexible communication and unique voice quality. IP DECT system is perfectly suited to capabilities of Gigaset IP PBX system, and is also compatible with the most IP PBX systems from leading vendors and with virtual systems.
  • Gigaset N510 IP PRO is a DECT IP base station for SMBs supporting all available mobile DECT components offered by Gigaset. Users benefit from freedom of communication and exceptional quality of voice. Professional capabilities such as access to corporate phone book, network phone book and notifications about incoming mails increase productivity. N510 IP PRO base station is compliant with over 250 VoIP operators and all major PBX systems. Automatic installation with Gigaset PBX systems provides quick and easy configuration.


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VoIP phones

The market of voice services has been dominated by VoIP calls – less expensive alternative to traditional phone calls, especially when we think about international telephone calls. To improve the experience of using this form of communication, a computer and specialized application have been replaced by IP phone, that works independently of computer and is handled as a regular phone. VERSIM company is a distributor of Gigaset Pro and Planet Technology solutions.

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