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Backup and archiving

fujitsu1Using servers and storage systems is sometimes not enough. It is important to implement additional backup tools, with deduplication, in data center, which will both reduce a size of stored data and maintain backup copies of critical data.


Fujitsu offers backup systems based on Commvault Simpana software. Integrated devices, that can be easily expanded on pay-as-you-grow basis, allowing you to postpone necessary investments.


If the key to company or institution operation is a storage of large amounts of data over the years, or even decades, you should think about continuously developed technology of tape libraries. Data stored on tapes with a capacity of 2500GB are used by the system, responsible for integrity and seamless reading and writing of data. Because the system is powered only when you need to use it, you can build a huge data repository at low operational costs.


kopie zapasowe i archiwizacjaFujitsu tape libraries offer great scalability and reliability. Automated archiving system is a response on the challenges set by many areas of business. These systems provide data encryption for enhanced security and compatibility with security policy and formal requirements.


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