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Design consultancy

Thinking about computer, smartphone, tablet or peripheral devices (CCTV cameras, printers, etc.), we already cannot imagine that they are not connected to the network. Network access means a number of active devices – such as switches, routers, access points and WLAN controllers, and passive elements – connections between individual components of the network infrastructure (including structural cabling).


Implementation of stable and efficient network that meets expectations of users, while ensures security of confidential data and enhances business process, requires deep planning and proper design.


A VERSIM S.A. company provides following services for its partners:

  • Analysis of end customer’s network environment, including indication of potential threats and points of failure,
  • Analysis of functional and utility requirements,
  • Security and performance audits,
  • Planning of RF coverage for Wi-Fi networks,
  • Selection of devices and security solutions realizing functional and utility requirements,
  • Creation of pre-implementation documentation, including logic diagrams of the network infrastructure.


Our engineers have certificates of manufacturers of LAN, WLAN devices and security solutions, that confirm their competences in the field of building, designing and maintaining computer networks.

WLAN network designs

foto8A proper design of wireless network is a key element of system implementation process. Security, reliability and functionality of wireless Wi-Fi network must be ensured at the project development stage.


Knowledge and experience of our engineers combined with the capabilities offered by professional Fluke Networks tools ensure that designed Wi-Fi network will be efficient and secure.


We have a professional measuring equipment and software, that in addition to signal strength, examine the level of noise, overlapping of signals from individual APs and other parameters, which in effect allow us to properly design the network.


Our offer covers tools and services allowing for:

  • ­Optimal placement and configuration of access points, including architectural barriers, user needs and applications
  • Creation of detailed technical documentation containing network coverage diagrams and maps indicating the ideal location for access points.


We provide tools and services to create detailed analysis existing 802.11 a/b/g/n network coverage based on the captured signal (AirMagnet Survey PRO), as well as predictions and simulations of network operation at the initial stage, without any devices (AirMagnet Planner).


What are the advantages of professionally designed network?

  • ­High performance of the system
  • ­Reliability and security
  • ­Adjustment to requirements and conditions of particular facility
  • ­Possibility to implement any services required by user, for example VoWLAN

Technical support

We offer you a full technical support for purchased products. At the moment of purchase Customer has a possibility to sign a contract with guaranteed SLA Level. It provides him a peace of mind. He is aware that Distributor, as the first line of support, as well as Manufacturer guarantee that damaged equipment will be replaced in a time set forth in the contract.


Additionally, as part of the contract Customer receives a technical support provided by dedicated team of distributor’s engineers, who will help resolve any problems with configuration and improper operation of purchased devices.

Warranty service

As a distributor we have a full support of manufacturer regarding service and warranty issues. We have access to GTAC – award winning global technical assistance center. GTAC is staffed only by tenured Extreme Networks employees – they have a direct contact with engineers and developers, that translates into first call resolution rate of 90%.

Implementation assistance

If you want to test offered security solutions prior to purchase decision, or as an IT integrator you need support within test implementation, we are here to help you.


Our engineering team will assist you in analysis of needs, designing of test implementation to demonstrate desired level of functionality for the offered system and in the actual implementation of Proof-of-Concept. This enables you to verify by yourself if offered systems actually meet your needs.

IT security integrations

Converged networks, private and public cloud computing services, data center virtualization, virtual desktops, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) technology and other similar solutions significantly changing the way how the network is used by organizations. Simultaneously with the reduction of costs and increase of network productivity reveal new security requirements. The best way to secure this new environment is a very granular control of access to network data and resources, at the user and application level. In order to provide this level of granularity, security solution must control every network entry point, including: Internet, wire and wireless access, as well as internal areas with critical resources such as data centers. Implementation of such comprehensive network security requires exchange of information between devices from different vendors.


A VERSIM S.A. company provides design, implementation and programming services. Our engineers have a knowledge and experience in the integration of solutions offered by our company, as well as systems owned by end customers.