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Business Tools

Implementation services

Financial instruments

Partners through us have access to wide range of financial instruments, which are designed to support Partner’s business. We offer trade credit, leasing support and other instruments to support projects of our Partners.


Service coverage is selected depending on customer needs. Flexibility in this area enables the realization of complex and long term projects.

Logistic support

We offer our Partners a comprehensive logistic support, covering huge flexibility of operations in Poland and in other countries. Logistic support, including insurance issues are on our side. We do not pass this costs on Partner.

Implementation services

Companies that cooperate with us, may also take advantage of our implementations services for purchased systems. We constantly strive to improve the quality of technical support and employ professionals holding technical certificates from leading global manufacturers.


We also assist in coordination of services between Partners.


Implementation services often include pilot installations. Their success have a huge impact on future investments.
Conducting such pilot installation or PoC we pay great attention on customer problems.


When designing Wi-Fi networks, we create networks that are perfectly customized to customer needs.


We see the synergy between offered solutions and perform integration. We can combine Extreme NAC solution with MDM FancyFon system, PaloAlto, UNIFY IP telephony and Microsoft Lync. We will share our knowledge with you during our joint projects.

Marketing campaigns

VERSIM builds its position based on flexibility and ability to directly address Partners needs through promotions of solutions. We track the market and respond to its needs, following trends.
We know how important is to build a brand awareness. We lead extensive marketing campaigns for products in our portfolio. They are both autonomous activities and projects performed jointly with our partners on behalf of our manufacturers.


On quarterly basis we organize a series of meetings aimed at promoting knowledge about new ICT technologies.
We help our Parents to organize:

  • trainings and seminars, conferences and workshops
  • labs
  • presentations at end customers’ sites


We offer for our Partners following benefits:

  • dedicated sales support portal – VerBusiness
  • regular updates of events lis
  • we announce promotions
  • we arrange interesting trips and conferences

Call Center

As part of our structures we own a call center company – Twój Asystent 24, which we actively use during our marketing and telemarketing campaigns as well as in activities performed jointly with Partner and aimed at a of target customers.


Call center is also available for our Partners and offers a wide variety of additional services:

  • Hotlines: service desk and help desk
  • Correspondence service
  • Processing of orders and complaints
  • Handlings of contents, promotions and loyalty programs
  • Backup center
  • Arranging of meetings for sales representatives
  • Selling of products and services
  • Verification and update of data bases
  • Informational campaigns
  • Welcome calls
  • Marketing surveys, customer satisfaction surveys
  • Virtual reception office
  • Mass correspondence services

Equipment rental services

A VERSIM company owns a Competence Center within which a DemoCenter is available. Partners have a possibility to rent equipment from us for customer demonstration purposes.


We also build virtual demonstration rooms or use our resources for the purpose of PoC conducted at our Partners’ customers.


In order to rent the equipment it is necessary to sign a rental contract.