Techstep deals with mobile technology for business, implementing positive changes in the world of work, thanks to which people can work more efficiently, safely and in a more sustainable way. The company helps its customers work more comfortably while meeting its commitments to the environment and the community.

Techstep currently employs over 300 employees in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Poland and serves over 2,000 corporate clients in Europe. In 2021, Techstep generated revenues of NOK 1.3 billion and is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

Techstep knows how to simplify the processes related to the integration and management of mobile devices and software. Thanks to Techstep solutions, European companies implement advanced, standardized solutions that can develop dynamically.

One of the flagship solutions is Essentials MDM. It is an all-in-one mobile device management solution for businesses. With it, you can easily:
– configure all mobile devices in the company
– install the appropriate applications on them
– secure data
– monitor and manage devices
– solve emerging technical problems on an ongoing basis.

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