Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks is a producer of best-in-class, high-performance network solutions, including the latest cloud, mobility and analytics. Extreme focuses on the reliability of the offered technologies, network capabilities and improving the accuracy of the acquired data, responding to the needs of the growing cloud-managed network market.

Extreme Networks is the first supplier to introduce the concept of a universal platform to support various network deployments, thus ensuring their unparalleled flexibility and investment protection. As part of its innovative solution, it offers:

  • Universal licensing – one management license for any device and for any type of management with full portability between devices. For switches, operating system feature licenses have been unified and can be bulk activated and transferred to switches via ExtremeCloud IQ.
  • Universal switches (5520/5420) that support both fabric-based networks (SPBM or IP Fabric) and traditional networks, whether managed in the cloud or on-premise (air-gapped or connected to the cloud), all with one switch.
  • Universal Wi-Fi 6 access points (300/400 series) that support campus or distributed deployments and can be managed from the cloud or locally (air-gapped or connected to the cloud) with a single AP.

Extreme Networks, as a leading provider of comprehensive cloud-based network solutions, provides customers with the best value and the least complexity of its solutions. Customers who trust the Extreme Networks brand and its cloud solutions also benefit from reduced network management complexity and greater flexibility when migrating to the cloud, with a choice of cloud provider and operating system in public, private and on-premise clouds. Extreme Networks also offers solutions that use the latest achievements in the field of ML/AI, storage, security and data protection.

Extreme Networks is a rich portfolio of network and cloud solutions that complement numerous applications that facilitate efficient network management, control and security. Extreme in its basic offer provides solutions in the field of:
– cloud networking (,
– wireless (,
– Fabric Connect (,
– routing,
– switching,

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