WiFi network measurements

Simulation, design and optimization of Wi-Fi networks using the latest Ekahau technology and tools is the latest item in our product portfolio. We offer Partners measurements of WiFi signal propagation, selection and advice on the proper configuration of access points and optimization of the WiFi signal.

When can our service be helpful? First of all, if you need to analyze the condition of the WiFi network or optimize its operation. But also when you need to diagnose and solve problems in an existing network, design a wireless network or simulate the operation of a new network.

What we offer:
– field measurements – in a finished facility/building where the network is to function effectively
– measuring and checking ranges from access points
– precise, reliable WiFi signal diagnostics
– detailed spectrum analysis, and thus more accurate and reliable output data
– determining how many access points should be installed so that the signal throughout the building is as desired by the client
– design and optimization of WiFi networks based on collected data
– consulting and selection of access points based on building plans

Each time after performing the service, we provide our Partners with:
– prepared documentation
– initial network configuration
– advise on the channels and transmitting power of access points
– range simulation, up and down propagation measurement (measures signal strength even from access points installed on the floor above)
– a guarantee that the designed WiFi network will operate with high efficiency.
The material prepared in this way makes it much easier to design the network and configure it optimally and effectively.

The service is provided by our experienced engineer. We conduct measurements for networks based on Extreme Networks and Cambium Networks solutions.

Are you interested in a network audit, measurement or effective design? Contact us: pomiary@versim.pl