Technical and implementation support

We offer you full technical support for products purchased from us. At the time of purchase, the customer has the option of concluding a service level agreement (SLA). It gives him a good night’s sleep. He is aware that both the Distributor, as the first line of support, and the Manufacturer guarantee that the damaged equipment will be replaced within the time limit set by the contract.

In addition, as part of such an agreement, the Customer receives technical support from a dedicated team of distributor engineers who will help solve any problems related to the configuration and incorrect operation of the purchased devices.

If you want to test the security solutions we offer before making a purchase decision, or as an IT integrator you need support in the field of test implementation, we are at your disposal.

Our engineering team will support you in analyzing your needs, designing a test implementation to demonstrate the desired level of functionality of the offered system and in the actual implementation of the Proof-of-Concept. Thanks to this, you can independently verify whether the systems we offer actually meet your needs.