Service support

Service support offered by Extreme Networks provides the basic elements to maintain optimal business continuity of the organization:

  1. GTAC: Global Technical Support Center
  2. Software Updates and Extensions
  3. Hardware replacement options
  4. e-Support Portal – online application management
  5. Access to the Hub service – user community

ExtremeWorks support model
support provided directly by the manufacturer
– services sold through Partners and provided by Extreme Networks
– lower Partner expenditure on training and infrastructure
– An end customer who needs support contacts Extreme directly
– ExtremeWorks discount offer

For whom?
Mainly small Partners who do not have enough resources or prefer to direct and engage their IT employees in the implementation of more strategic projects, instead of carrying out mainly day-to-day customer network maintenance tasks.

DistriWorks support model
support provided using Versim competencies
– Partners offer their own services through and in cooperation with Versim
– lower Partner’s expenditure on training and infrastructure, because he uses the resources of the Distributor, i.e. the resources of Versim
– support services are provided to the Partner by Versim in cooperation with Extreme Networks – the end customer who needs support contacts the Partner, and the Partner contacts the Distributor, i.e. our company
– DistriWorks discount offer
DistriWorks Service Support is intended solely for Partners who have not previously joined the PartnerWorks program.

The DistriWorks model, i.e. service support provided by our company, is intended to help our Partners who do not see a justification for purchasing the service directly from the Manufacturer and want to minimize the cost of purchasing the support. In this model, the Partner gains our knowledge, experience and stock, as well as everything that it offers as part of Extreme service support as a Manufacturer.

For whom?
Mainly Partners who do not have enough resources or prefer to direct and engage their IT staff in the implementation of more strategic projects.

PartnerWorks support model
support provided by a Partner who has a PartnerWorks agreement with Extreme Networks
– Partners offer their own services under the Extreme Networks brand
– support services are provided to the Partner only by Extreme Networks
– services sold to Partners through the Distributor to support their offer for end customers
– The end customer who needs support contacts the Partner

For whom?
Mainly Partners who want to keep all elements of cooperation with the client and maintain constant relational contact with him in the field of sales and further management of support contracts. Partners for whom it is important to deliver and provide their own high-quality maintenance services.

In the case of PartnerWorks Plus for Partners with their own logistics facilities.

Extreme Networks Service Partner Requirements
that is, what conditions must be met to become an Extreme Service Partner

  1. Obtain the status of an Authorized Extreme Partner – regardless of the level of partnership (Authorized, Gold or Diamond)
  2. be able to provide technical support to your customers at all times – 24 hours / 7 days a week / 365 days a year
  3. have its own laboratory with Extreme equipment for replication of hardware and software problems (the point is to effectively recreate the Customer’s problems in the test environment in order to be able to provide level 1 and 2 level support in accordance with the PW program; Extreme reserves the right to audit such laboratory every 6-12 months)
  4. it is mandatory to include appropriate service contracts with each purchased Extreme product
  5. have their own team of certified engineers – at least 2 people per specialization.
  6. maintain a minimum level of equipment and spare parts inventory locally, i.e. have its own stock in order to ensure that in the event of equipment failure at the Customer’s, it is replaced directly from itself – ONLY FOR THE EXTENDED PARTNERWORKS PLUS PWP MODEL.

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