Network design

The implementation of the WLAN wireless network project is a key element during the implementation of the system in the enterprise. The security, reliability and functionality of the WiFi radio network must be guaranteed in the design phase.

The knowledge and experience of our engineers, combined with the capabilities of professional tools, guarantee planning an efficient and secure WiFi network.
We have professional measuring equipment and software that, in addition to signal strength, examine the level of noise power, overlapping of signals from individual access points and other parameters, which in turn allows us to properly design the network.

Our offer includes tools and services that allow you to:
– optimal placement and configuration of access points, taking into account architectural barriers, user needs and applications
– creation of detailed technical documentation containing network coverage diagrams and maps indicating ideal locations for access points.

We offer tools and services that allow you to perform detailed analyzes of the coverage of an existing network based on the captured signal, as well as forecasts and simulations of network performance at the initial stage, when there are no devices on it yet.

What are the benefits of a network professionally designed by us?
– high system performance
– reliability and safety
– adaptation to the requirements and conditions existing in the facility
– the ability to implement any services required by the user.