IT security integration

Converged networks, private and public cloud networking services, data center virtualization, virtual desktops, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) technology and other similar solutions are significantly changing the way organizations use the network.

In parallel with reducing costs and increasing network productivity, new security requirements are emerging. The best way to secure this new environment is through very fine-grained control of access to data and network resources at the user and application level.
To provide this level of granularity, the security solution must control all network access points, including the Internet, wired and wireless access, as well as internal critical resource areas such as data centers. Implementing such end-to-end enterprise network security requires the exchange of information between devices from different vendors.

The Versim company provides design, implementation and programming services in this area. Our engineers have knowledge and experience in integrating solutions that are the subject of the company’s offer as well as systems owned by end customers.