Design consultancy

Thinking about a computer, smartphone, tablet or peripheral devices (CCTV cameras, printers, etc.), we cannot imagine that it is not connected to the network. Behind the “internet access” there are a number of active devices, such as LAN network switches and routers, access points and WiFi network controllers, and the passive part – connections between individual elements of the network infrastructure (including structured cabling).

Implementation of a stable, efficient network that meets the expectations of users, and at the same time ensures the security of confidential data and streamlines business processes of the company, requires prior consideration and design.

The VERSIM company provides its Partners with services in the field of:
– analysis of the end customer’s network environment with an indication of potential threats and failure points,
– analysis of functional and operational requirements,
– security and infrastructure performance audits,
– planning radio coverage with WiFi network signal,
– selection of devices and security solutions that meet functional and operational requirements,
– creating pre-execution documentation, including logical diagrams of the network infrastructure.

Our engineers have certificates of manufacturers of LAN, WLAN and security solutions confirming their competence in the construction, design and maintenance of computer networks.