A modern healthcare facility is burdened with an increasing amount of data that needs to be collected and processed. On the other hand, mobility trends point to new uses for tablets, such as for rounds. Therefore, IT administrators of medical facilities face new challenges.

The need to meet the appropriate efficiency for the processed data requires expenditure on IT infrastructure, and this boils down to the correct dimensioning of both the network backbone solutions (LAN, WLAN) and the server room area.

What elements should a modern medical facility pay special attention to:

  • secure hospital network
  • safe connection to the network of specialized medical devices
  • a secure network for patients
  • secure guest network
  • stable WIFi network to support medical devices and patients

In the area of security, on the one hand, we can encounter attempts to attack the infrastructure from the inside and outside, which requires the use of Firewall and NAC systems, on the other hand, we are obliged to protect sensitive data. Data leakage from mobile devices used more and more often by staff can carry a heavy burden of responsibility, so it is worth considering the use of the Essentials MDM system in medical facilities.

What should be especially taken care of in medical facilities:

  • network security supervision
  • virtualization of connections
  • stable visibility and monitoring
  • continuous trouble-free operation of IoT medical devices
  • network access protection.