Until some time ago, it could be argued that the wireless network is not a key element of hotel infrastructure. Today, the situation is completely different, and the network and quality of the hotel “Internet” significantly affect the choice of the hotel and the guest experience.

We often have the opportunity to see for ourselves that WLAN access points (“WiFi routers”) for home use do not cope at all in the hotel environment. The result is fluctuations in the already low range, dropped connections, low performance of the access device to which dozens or hundreds of mobile terminals are connected – especially in conference rooms. Sometimes a wrongly selected device goes hand in hand with wrong dimensioning of the distribution of access points in the facility. Therefore, more and more often, in the implementation of hotel projects, we advise on the selection of enterprise-class devices preceded by professional support in their selection and dimensioning. For facilities with a smaller budget, solutions in which the WLAN controller is located in the cloud will certainly be worth noting.