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About Versim

Our mission and strategy

VERSIM – a distributor of cutting edge technologies…

Since the company’s inception, VERSIM focuses its activity on providing Partners cutting edge technologies from leading global manufacturers. The company’s goal is supporting Partners in building competitive advantage among its customers. The company offers its solutions only through partners, providing them the best possible conditions of logistic, financial, commercial and technical services. The portfolio of VERSIM’s value added distribution services includes conceptual and marketing support for Partners – at the stage of selecting proper solutions for Customer, consulting of projects, as well as technical support during installation at the Customer site.


At the beginning of its activity, VERSIM focused its offer on PBX systems and voice solutions. Over time, the solutions portfolio has been extended to include videoconferencing systems and products from leading network solutions manufacturers.

Currently, VERSIM is a distributor of network software and hardware, specialized in computer and network security solutions, as well as VoIP and PBX technologies. The company offers products from leading in their field manufacturers, including: next generation firewalls, VPN solutions, digital identification, authorization and authentication systems, IPS/IDS systems and solutions to create Internet access policies. The portfolio of products and technologies is correlated with market needs and creates a comprehensive offer for Partners.

The company employs qualified technical personnel – certified engineers with extensive implementation experience; has a well-equipped hardware lab and provides authorized and post-implementation trainings (together with Partners) at the Customer’s site. VERSIM also provides Competence Center (VERKnowledge, VERBusiness and Extreme Networks DemoCenter), where Partners can improve their skills.

Taking advantage of professional knowledge, rich experience, high class of offered products and high level of technical services – VERSIM is always one step ahead of its competition and the company’s goal is full satisfaction and success of Partners

Our competences

Creativity – a symbiosis of modern trends – we are constantly looking for new markets and sales opportunities for our Partners. We design and integrate solutions and share our knowledge – creating a niche competences for our Partners.

Knowledge – our team is created by people who have an extensive knowledge and practice – working with our solutions is their passion.

Experience – we have designed hundreds of systems for various market sectors. References available on request.

Practice – the theory is always supported by practice; we always support our presentations with practical demonstrations – take advantage of our services and see for yourself

Strategy – our activities with partners are defined by annual strategy – we pass our ideas on Partners

Consulting – we design, size, compare and advise – using implemented and functional systems. We can arrange a reference visit for you.

Design – we always begin our cooperation with detailed problem analysis – we listen to You and Your customer, and based on this feedback we are preparing a right solution

Competence Center – VERSIM offers the competence center where partners can extend their knowledge and reserve additional services, which build competitive advantage.

  • VerBusiness – a dedicated section of our Extranet where Partners can find product descriptions in polish language. It includes competitive comparisons, case studies, conference materials and other documents needed for offer preparation
  • VerKnowledge – section for technical personnel – where our engineers gather key documents
  • VerLead – our Partners gain access to leads that are generated and passed to business
  • VerLab – a tool that provides Partners access to our well-equipped lab, where they can simulate customer cases or conduct practical tutorials.
  • VerMeeting – a regular meeting of VERSIM Partners: interesting people, the latest equipment, new technologies, current trends, forecasts, strategic plans – everything needed to create business.
  • VerAcademy – VERSIM training center that includes Extreme Networks Authorized Training Center and our own sales and technical trainings and workshops. Trainings are conducted by certified engineers having extensive knowledge and practice. Trainings are available both in on-line and stationary version.

Our specialisations

Management (infrastructure, applications)

Today’s corporate networks are often heterogeneous systems, built on solutions from many manufacturers. Administration and management of such infrastructure requires specialized management systems, which on the one hand reduce costs and efforts and on the other provide appropriate security level.
We offer:

  • Systems that notify administrators about errors occurred in the network (Extreme Networks: NetSight)
  • Log analysis systems (Extreme Networks: SIEM)
  • Wireless network management systems (Extreme Networks: NetSight)
  • Network management systems (Extreme Networks: Netsight, NAC)
  • Mobile fleet management systems (Famoc: FancyFON)



We offer:

  • Application access control (Extreme: PurView)
  • Authentication and authorization of users (Extreme: Netsight)
  • Single Sign On systems (Extreme NAC)
  • Security of networks
  • Network monitoring (multifunction next generation firewalls – PaloAlto and DoS/DDoS attacks protection: DataSpace)
  • Network Access Control (dedicated guest networks, secured WLAN, digital management of user presence within the network – Extreme)
  • Secured access to the web (URL filtering) PaloAlto
  • Firewalls (PaloAlto)
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IPS/IDS) – Extreme Networks



We offer:

  • Mobile fleet management systems (FancyFON – FAMOC)
  • Infrastructure managements systems (Extreme, NAC)


Unified Communications

We offer:

  • Collaboration systems – OpenScape Business, Open Scape Voice (UNIFY)



We offer:

  • Server and storage virtualization – better performance and usage of available space without the necessity to purchase additional physical storage modules
  • Network virtualization – virtual networks offer the same capabilities and reliability as physical, but provide lower operating costs and greater independence of vendor specific solutions


Wire and wireless network infrastructure

We offer:

  • LAN, MAN, WAN and SDN networks,
  • Network topology maps
  • Industrial networks
  • Outdoor and indoor wireless network infrastructure
  • Centralized management of wire and wireless networks
  • Security profiles that roam with user



We offer:

  • Cloud computing solutions – Extreme, Unify- Circuit


Digital identity management

We offer:

  • Digital identity of device and user in the network (Extreme: NAC)


Management of mobile access layer

We offer:

  • Mobile fleet management (phones,. iPhones, tablets – backup, remote configuration, anti-theft controls, etc) – FancyFOn FAMOC


Security policies

We offer:

  • Dedicated security profiles (EXTREME)
  • Secured remote access (EXTREME)
  • Full integration of wire and Wi-Fi networks (EXTREME)


Servers and storage

We offer:

  • Server systems (tower, blade, rack) – we ensure selection of appropriate models
  • Storage systems: disk arrays, tape libraries, streamers or NAS systems: FUJITSU


IP telephony

We offer:

  • Voice mail systems
  • IVR systems, including billing and call recording
  • QoS for high quality of calls



We offer:

  • Comprehensive equipment for videoconference rooms
  • Personal videoconference terminals, videoconference systems – AVER


Collaboration systems

We offer:

  • Service desk systems: they support processes during the whole life cycle of a service. It includes Help Deks systems which perform tasks associated with specified needs of users and provide solutions for technical issues. Help desk systems use special tools to track incidents, gain information about software and configurations and reporting – Unify platform
  • File sharing systems – tools for easy and secure file sharing – Unify platform
  • Applications supporting collaboration – provide a simple and effective way to gather needed information and assets. Shared work on documents becomes possible – easier exchange of ideas and better feedback. Tasks and projects are finished faster and with better results – Unify platform

    Contact center systems

    We offer:

    • IVR and automatic service systems
    • Systems to monitor customer calls
    • CC systems


    Telecommunications infrastructurea

    We offer:

    • VoIP and PBX solutions – Unify,
    • Integrated voice communication systems – Unify
    • IP phones for multisite companies – Unify,
    • Solutions for SMB and ISP – GIGaset, GIGASET PRO)


    Protection against DoS and DDoS attacks

    We offer:

    • Monitoring of capacity and security of corporate data links– DataSpace