July 2 2023 r. ///

Tech breakfasts with Essentials MDM

Mobile device management solutions have been offered for years. At least a few well-known brands compete for customers on our home market. Each of the manufacturers argues that their product will work best. How to decide which is actually the optimal solution? Which system would we like to associate with for longer?

In our opinion, Essentials MDM from Techstep (formerly FAMOC). There can be no other answer here. And we will convince you about it during the starting series of technological breakfasts with Essentials MDM. The first breakfast in May in Poznań.

The schedule of our meetings with you, includes 5 locations. The first meeting in Poznań on May 18, 2023. Next respectively:
June 1 in Gdańsk,
June 15 in Warsaw,
September 14 in Katowice,
June 28 in Wrocław.

Breakfasts are addressed not only to our Partners, but also to those companies that would like to start cooperation with us in the field of the MDM system. What’s more, we also invite end customers who would like to get to know the solution we offer a little closer.

We will convince you to Essentials MDM by talking about the advantages of the system, functionalities and benefits that the user receives. And in the meantime, we will treat ourselves to delicious sandwiches.

See you at breakfast!